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Fakta Sebelumny: Changmin, Junsu

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how’s adorable

How’s cute they’re

Gentle Shim

AA so cute >O< Merry Christmas ^^

121208 HoMin-Fansign at Yeouido


121212 Yunho – ‘Queen of Ambition’ Poster Shoot Behind The Scenes

121213 On MBC Radio

121217 Bigeast 【From Member】 : Tell Us ★ Yunho & Changmin Question 15

Q: What are the smell that makes you feel calm?
 Baby powder
Changmin: Smell of mountains

TVXQ 2013 Calendar

121207 KBS-MusicBank

121217 SBS Inkigayo


121221 KBS-Music Bank

BigEast DVD “We are T~The first memory”

Yunho @@

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TVXQ 9th anniversary, i hope u’ll be back with 5th member as Uknow Hero Micky Xiah Max and Cassie